Stage II Breast Cancer Survival Rate

The 8 year stage II breast cancer survival rate after the initial diagnosis in the United States may differ depending on the size of the cancer. Other factors that may influence the 8 year survival rate include:

–          If the cancerous cells have spread to the lymph nodes in the armpit.

–          If the cancerous cells have multiplied to other parts of the body.

In case the tumor is less than two centimeters in size and has multiplied to the lymph nodes beneath the armpits, then the cancer is classified as stage 2A breast cancer. The survival rate at this stage is approximated between 88 and 92 percent. This is according to the American Cancer Society and the National Cancer Institute.

In case the tumor is between 2cm and 5cm in size and has not multiplied to the lymph nodes, it is also classified as stage 2A breast cancer. However, if the tumor is between 2cm and 5cm in size and has multiplied to the lymph nodes, it is then classified as stage 2B breast cancer. At this stage, the survival rate is roughly 8 years. Then again, in case the tumor is bigger than 5cm and has not multiplied past the breast tissues, it is classified as stage 2B breast cancer.

According to studies carried out by the National Cancer Institute, it is believed that roughly 29 percent of white women are diagnosed with stage II breast cancer. The study went further to reveal that 36 percent of black women are diagnosed with stage II breast cancer. 60% of cancer diagnosis are usually localized (i.e. stage I breast cancer). Should the tumor be diagnosed in the early stages, that is, stage I breast cancer the 8 year survival rate is increased by more than 98 percent. The key to saving the life of a cancer patient is detecting the cancer in its early stages.

Improving once survival rate

Luckily for stage II breast cancer patients, a lot of effort has been put to ensure that everyone has access to information in regards to early detection of breast cancer. Coupled with enhanced treatment for stage II breast cancer, the survival rate for stage II breast cancer has increased over the last couple of years.

Women can ensure that they live more than the approximated 8 years by carrying out self-examination tests on a monthly basis. Women who are aged above 20 ought to make certain that they go for clinical examinations once in every three years. On the other hand, women who are aged above 40 ought to make clinical examinations for breast cancer part and parcel of their yearly health check-up. This is in addition to mammogram tests.

Prevention is also key to enhancing the 8 year survival rate of stage II breast cancer. Practicing healthy lifestyle, for example, eating a well-balanced diet and avoiding junk and processed foods, regular exercises and minimizing alcohol consumption. According to recent studies carried out by CDC – Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the risk of stage II breast cancer advances with age. Therefore, leading a healthy lifestyle ensures that one is not prone to stage II breast cancer.

Recurrence rate 

There are also studies which show a recurrence of roughly 10 percent in women who have suffered from stage II breast cancer and have managed to get rid of the cancerous cells. What’s more is that, younger women have higher chances of surviving stage II breast cancer compared to older women.

General survival rate

The general survival rate for women diagnosed with stage II breast cancer can be more than 85%. The survival rate for women diagnosed with stage I breast cancer is approximated at 98 percent. The survival rate for women diagnosed with stage II breast cancer is roughly 83 percent. However, the survival rate for women diagnosed with either stage III breast cancer or stage IV breast cancer is roughly 23 percent.


Stage II Breast Cancer Information

What is stage 2 breast cancer?

Stage 2 breast cancer denotes a little bit more progressed type of breast cancer. In stage II breast cancer, the cancerous cells have extended past the initial site and into the neighboring breast cells. At this phase, the malignant growth is bigger than stage I ailment. Nonetheless, stage 2 breast cancer denotes that the cancerous cells have not yet spread further into the body.

The 8 year stage 2 breast cancer survival rate is roughly 70 percent. This means that a majority of women with stage II breast cancer will live for a minimum of 8 years once they have been diagnosed. However, numerous studies have found that majorities of women diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer normally live longer than the estimated 8 years.

At this stage, the malignant tumor is identified as a hard growth in the breast during breast self-examination. It is important for one to consistently do regular breast self-examination and go for regular screening from time to time as these are crucial in identifying the tumor at an early stage.

Stage 2 breast cancer is a little bit more complex. It denotes that the malignant tumor is a little bit bigger and might have begun to the cancerous cells to look for more places to thrive in. If that is the case, then the cancerous cells have moves as far as the lymph nodes, and as such are confined in that region and are hindered from affecting other organs in the body.

Stage 2 breast cancer can be categorized into:

–          Stage 2A

–          Stage 2B

Breast cancer stage 2 A

In this stage:

–          The cancerous cells are not bigger than two centimeters in dimension. However, they have already reached the lymph nodes found beneath the armpit.

–          The cancerous cells can measure between two and five centimeters in dimension. Nevertheless, they have not reached the lymph nodes beneath the armpit.

Breast cancer stage 2 B

In this stage:

–          The cancerous cells measure between two and five centimeters in dimension and have already reached the lymph nodes found beneath the armpit.

–          The cancerous cells are bigger than five centimeters and have not yet reached the lymph nodes found underneath the armpit.

Once the cancerous cells have spread to the lymph nodes, the only treatment is surgery. Mastectomy and lumpectomy are the types of surgeries used to treat breast cancer stage 2. The surgeries are usually followed by chemotherapy as well as radiation. Radiation is usually administered so as to make certain that the cancerous cells are eliminated totally. Chemotherapy is given to the patient just in case the cancerous cells managed to break past the lymph barriers. Given that chemo is designed to flow throughout the body, it functions in destroying the cancerous cells that may be in other parts of the body. The type of treatment that you receive will not only be determined by you, but also your physician.

Given that there are different variants of breast cancer, it is important to point out that there is no single treatment that can cure all of them. Most physicians will recommend carrying out chemotherapy prior to a surgical procedure. While this might not denote anything, your physician simply wants to shrink the malignant tumor and slay the cancerous cells prior to getting rid of the growth.

The recurrence of stage 2 breast cancer is less than 50 percent, the smaller the lump, the lesser the likelihoods of the growth coming back. If there are no nodes detected and the malignant tumor is small, the recurrence rate over a period of twenty years is roughly 33 percent. However, if the swelling is bigger or the cancerous cells have already spread past the original lump, the recurrence is approximately 44 percent.

There are no medical proofs to suggest which types of swellings are likely to recur. It is for this reason that chemotherapy is usually administered in all patients diagnosed with breast cancer stage 2. There could be likelihood that you do not require chemo – that each single cancerous cell has been eliminated through surgery. Nonetheless, your physician will not want to take the risk of enhancing the chance of a recurrence by avoiding chemotherapy.

The following are the up-to-date stage 2 breast cancer survival rate:

–          Stage 2A – 88 percent.

–          Stage 2B – 76 percent.

Note that, when you are going through these figures, the medications that are being utilized to cure breast cancer have greatly improved over the past 10 years. As such, these statistics do not necessarily apply to persons that are currently being diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancers. Most survivors of stage 3 breast cancer and stage 4 breast cancers are likely to live past the estimated five year mark. Hence, you should not allow statistics to scare you.

Breast cancer is just like any other disease. Thanks to improved technology, there are now new tools that are being used in the research process to help come up with better medication. There was an era when stage 2 breast cancer prognosis was akin to a death sentence. However, this has changed. Even if you do have a recurrence of breast cancer stage 2, you can still lead a healthy and normal life. With proper medication accompanied by good diet, you can prolong your life by at least 10 years.

As pointed out earlier, the earlier the disease is diagnosed, the better the chances of survival. In a bid to increase awareness on breast cancer, most hospitals are now holding free clinics where one can go and determine whether they are suffering from breast cancer and what they can do to prevent it. It is important to attend these clinics whenever they are held in your area. In addition, you need to learn how to do breast self-test. By doing so, you can be in a position to detect the disease at an early stage thereby allowing you to seek for a better treatment other than surgery.

Bloating Stomach – Causes and Remedies

Belly bloating is a feeling of increased stomach pressure as well as capacity. It is believed that roughly 25 percent of Americans suffer from stomach bloating on a frequent basis. Bloating stomach is sometimes referred to as stomach belching or abdominal distension. Bloated stomach not only causes one to feel crammed, but pressure in the belly.

Bloating stomach causes

The common cause of belly bloating is swallowing of air. Bloating of the stomach triggers severe stomach pain. This in turn leads to belching, which is the expelling of the air in the belly, thereby relieving the discomfort. The main causes for ingesting huge quantities of air are swallowing beverages or foods too fast. Anxiety is also another common cause for ingesting huge quantities of air. More than often, a majority of people are oblivious of the fact that they are ingesting air. It is for this reason that infants are usually “burped” after breastfeeding so as to expel ingest air.

Then again, too much air in the abdomen is not the only sole trigger of stomach bloating. For a number of individuals, belly bloating is a habit, and as such is not a reflection of the amount of air in the tummy. On the other hand, there are individuals who suffer from sharp stomach pain as a response to any kind of intestinal discomfort. By belching, such people tend to find instant relief given that unwarranted air in the abdomen is the chief cause of slight intestinal discomfort.

Symptoms of stomach bloating

Unwarranted air production

Excessive generation of gas is an indication of bloated stomach. Given that food is not broken down properly, there are different other kinds of air that are generated in the process such as carbon dioxide, methane, hydrogen plus sulfur.

Distended abdomen

The generation of excessive air as a result of incomplete breakdown of food triggers expanded as well as hardened belly. The discharged air is accumulated in the belly and other parts of the intestines. This in turn triggers the expansion of the stomach linings, which then results in severe stomach pain.


Another common symptom of bloated stomach is flatulence. This simply refers to regular passing of air. In contrast to the odorless gas, the air produced as a result of stomach bloating is a horrible smell.

Stomach discomfort

Stomach discomfort, especially after eating food is also another common sign of bloating stomach. Intestinal discomfort is frequently accompanied with feelings of restlessness as well as problems in breathing.

Sharp stomach pain

Signs of stomach bloating also incorporate sharp intestinal pain. This can either be acute or mild pain, hinging on the gravity of the bloated stomach. Several studies have showed that intestinal bloating mainly occurs after consuming huge portions of meals.

Bloating stomach remedies

Remedies for bloated stomach will hinge on the underlying causes. Listed below, are some of the remedies that are commonly used to treat bloated stomach:

–          Avoid taking carbonated drinks. If you have to, then desist from gulping it down fast.

–          Minimize chewing of gum as this often results in ingesting of excessive air unknowingly.

–          Regulate your eating habits. In addition, when eating, eat slowly.

–          Minimize the amounts of wheat products. Wheat is known to comprise of gluten that can generate burning feelings and trigger the production of unwarranted air.

–          Avoid using antibiotics for treating anything and everything. Numerous studies have shown that antibiotics obliterate the friendly bacteria which are present along the digestive tract and assist in the breakdown of food.

–          Limit the amount of salt plus sugar ingested. Consume only what is deemed necessary.

–          Eat small portions of foods at night.

Investing in Up and Coming Stocks

Up and coming stocks are the best shares to invest in if you are planning on investing in the stock market. Up and coming stocks also commonly referred to as penny stocks are types of shares that trade for less than a $1.00 within the stock market. Given the low start cost required to invest in penny stocks, novice traders looking to learn the art of trading in the stock market are advised to choose penny stock investment as their preferred investment vehicle.

Nonetheless, if you would like to be profitable should you choose to invest in best and coming stocks, it is important that you know how choose the most appropriate penny stock investment, where to invest in penny stocks in addition to finding the best up and coming stocks 2012. By learning how to invest in penny stocks, you can start making thousands of dollars in profits by simply investing a couple of hundreds of dollars.

Therefore, if you are searching for information on how to invest in up and coming stocks, you will find the information provided in this article quite an interesting read..

Instructions on how to invest in penny stocks

– First and foremost, you need to know how to pick out companies for penny stock investment. The most crucial thing that you need to take into account while thinking of penny stock investment is selecting a company which you think is the best investment vehicle to put your money in. Up and coming small cap stocks are usually provided by companies which are not only looking for capital to expand their operations, but investors.

Hence, you need to select a company which is struggling to make a name for itself in the market but is about to provide merchandizes or services that you think will make a difference in the market. While investing in up and coming green stocks, it is paramount that you select up and coming businesses which are in search for investors that ready to take a chance with their businesses. Select penny stocks of businesses that you think will be profitable in the foreseeable future since you think that their services or products have the ability to make money.

– While searching for the est up and coming stocks 2 invest in 2012, it is highly recommended that you make use of stock brokers alongside websites. Knowing if the company you are planning to invest in is feasible in the market can be a daunting task. Consequently, while investing in up and coming stocks, it is crucial that you consult with a reputable stock agent or website with particular skills within the market.

In case you have already acquired the services of a stock broker, you need to know from them the best up and coming penny stocks 2012 so that you can make a substantial sum of money in profits. On the other hand, you can make use of a website which will guide you while thinking of the right up and coming penny stocks to purchase. There are numerous websites which focus in suggesting plus recommending best up and coming stock options. Therefore, you need to make use of the information provided in these websites to determine which shares are worth investing in.

Then again, before making a decision on the right website to use while investing in up and coming stocks this year, you need to go through several websites.

– Next, you need to select a means to invest in up and coming stocks. Once you have a hint of the best up and coming stocks to invest in, you need to establish the manner in which you will make your investment. There are essentially two options accessible to you in respect to purchasing penny stocks. These are:

  • Using a stock broker.
  • Online Brokerage Company.

In case you already have a stock agent, chances are that they are best people to use as they have the capacity to add the most suitable penny stocks to include to your portfolio. On the other hand, in case you do not have a stock agent, the cheapest and most effective means to buy penny stocks is through online investment companies. Online companies will enable you to invest in up and coming stocks at minimal costs. In addition, online companies offer numerous tools that you can utilize to so as to keep tabs on the up and coming cheap stocks you have purchased. Go through several websites so as to make certain that you go through numerous websites in order to select a site with the lowest charges.

Should you choose to buy up and coming dividend stocks without hiring the services of a stock broker or an online brokerage company, there are a couple of things which you need to take into account. The following are some of the things you need to take into consideration while buying up and coming stocks:

– Do a little bit of research on the up and coming stocks to uy as well as the companies that are behind them. It is paramount that you get to know the strengths and weaknesses of these businesses prior to putting your money in them. Moreover, you need to keep yourself abreast with the latest financial news on the companies and any other relevant information that may influence the share price of the companies.

– Make a decision on the amount of money that you would like to invest in. The amount of money to invest in good up and coming stocks will mainly hinge on your short-term and long-term goals. Moreover, it is also of great importance that you make certain that you spread your investment portfolio.

– Next, you need to open a web based brokerage account. Most financial institutions provide up and coming stock accounts. Select an account with a company which best complements your investment goals as well as style.

Keep in mind that investing in up and coming stocks can be quite risky. As a matter of fact, Security and Exchange Commission has warned consumers that they are most likely to lose their entire investment by choosing to invest in up and coming penny stocks.