Bloating Stomach – Causes and Remedies

Belly bloating is a feeling of increased stomach pressure as well as capacity. It is believed that roughly 25 percent of Americans suffer from stomach bloating on a frequent basis. Bloating stomach is sometimes referred to as stomach belching or abdominal distension. Bloated stomach not only causes one to feel crammed, but pressure in the belly.

Bloating stomach causes

The common cause of belly bloating is swallowing of air. Bloating of the stomach triggers severe stomach pain. This in turn leads to belching, which is the expelling of the air in the belly, thereby relieving the discomfort. The main causes for ingesting huge quantities of air are swallowing beverages or foods too fast. Anxiety is also another common cause for ingesting huge quantities of air. More than often, a majority of people are oblivious of the fact that they are ingesting air. It is for this reason that infants are usually “burped” after breastfeeding so as to expel ingest air.

Then again, too much air in the abdomen is not the only sole trigger of stomach bloating. For a number of individuals, belly bloating is a habit, and as such is not a reflection of the amount of air in the tummy. On the other hand, there are individuals who suffer from sharp stomach pain as a response to any kind of intestinal discomfort. By belching, such people tend to find instant relief given that unwarranted air in the abdomen is the chief cause of slight intestinal discomfort.

Symptoms of stomach bloating

Unwarranted air production

Excessive generation of gas is an indication of bloated stomach. Given that food is not broken down properly, there are different other kinds of air that are generated in the process such as carbon dioxide, methane, hydrogen plus sulfur.

Distended abdomen

The generation of excessive air as a result of incomplete breakdown of food triggers expanded as well as hardened belly. The discharged air is accumulated in the belly and other parts of the intestines. This in turn triggers the expansion of the stomach linings, which then results in severe stomach pain.


Another common symptom of bloated stomach is flatulence. This simply refers to regular passing of air. In contrast to the odorless gas, the air produced as a result of stomach bloating is a horrible smell.

Stomach discomfort

Stomach discomfort, especially after eating food is also another common sign of bloating stomach. Intestinal discomfort is frequently accompanied with feelings of restlessness as well as problems in breathing.

Sharp stomach pain

Signs of stomach bloating also incorporate sharp intestinal pain. This can either be acute or mild pain, hinging on the gravity of the bloated stomach. Several studies have showed that intestinal bloating mainly occurs after consuming huge portions of meals.

Bloating stomach remedies

Remedies for bloated stomach will hinge on the underlying causes. Listed below, are some of the remedies that are commonly used to treat bloated stomach:

–          Avoid taking carbonated drinks. If you have to, then desist from gulping it down fast.

–          Minimize chewing of gum as this often results in ingesting of excessive air unknowingly.

–          Regulate your eating habits. In addition, when eating, eat slowly.

–          Minimize the amounts of wheat products. Wheat is known to comprise of gluten that can generate burning feelings and trigger the production of unwarranted air.

–          Avoid using antibiotics for treating anything and everything. Numerous studies have shown that antibiotics obliterate the friendly bacteria which are present along the digestive tract and assist in the breakdown of food.

–          Limit the amount of salt plus sugar ingested. Consume only what is deemed necessary.

–          Eat small portions of foods at night.


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