Impressionism refers to a type of painting that was developed way back in the 19th century. According to studies, impressionism has its roots in Paris, France. Impressionism as a type of art was made popular as a result of strings of individual exhibitions that were hosted by impressionists. At the time, impressionism was greatly opposed by the Orthodox Church as well as traditional art society. However, with time, impressionism has managed to develop into one of the most essential forms of art. As is the case with other types of arts, impressionism has evolved over the years. Unfortunately, this article will not look at the different types of impressionism, but will focus on 10 of the greatest impressionists of all time.

#1: Claude Monet

Born in 1840, Claude Monet is regarded as the greatest impressionist of all times. As a matter of fact, Claude Monet is considered as the founding father of the French Impressionist Movement. If you are an art aficionado, especially impressionist art, then you’ll agree that majorities of modern impressionists draw their inspiration from Claude Monet.

Some of the memorable works done by Claude Monet include:

–  The Woman in the Green Dress.

– Sunrise

#2: Edgar Degas
Born in 1834, Edgar Degas is another French artist who is largely regarded as one the greatest impressionists that ever lived. Edgar Degas was not only well-known for his paintings, but sculptures. Alongside Claude Monet, he was one of the members that started Impressionist Movement. His mastery was clearly displayed in his paintings that showed movements. Perhaps, most people remember Edgar Degas for the depth portrayed in his paintings which showcases human physiology. Majorities of his paintings focused on female nudity.

#3: Edouard Manet Edouard Manet was born in 1832 in Paris, France. According to historians, he came from a wealthy family. Edouard Manet is credited for having been among the first impressionists to depict contemporary-life subjects. The Luncheon on the Grass and Olympia are some of the famous paintings that Edouard Manet did.

#4: Camille Pissaro Camille Pissaro was born in the tiny island of St. Thomas. To his peers, he was known as the ‘dean of impressionist artistes’. He attained this tag as a result of having been the oldest artiste in his category as well as his caring and humble nature. Consequently, a number of impressionists at the time viewed him as a father figure. His paintings were unique since he painted subjects in their ordinary environment. Unlike other artists at the time, he did not add embellishments so as to enhance his painting.

#5: Paul Cezanne Born in 1839, Paul Cezanne was a huge influence when it came to impressionism. It is widely believed that he started the form of art that bore repetitive and noticeable brushstrokes. Paul Cezanne is the one who inspired the famous painting of Picasso. Furthermore, it is believed that Paul Cezanne was the one who created a connection between Impressionism and Cubism.

#6: Pierre-Auguste Renoir  Pierre-Auguste Renoir was the artist who played a key role in the creation of impressionist form of art. His paintings mainly focused on the female splendor and sensuality. According to historians, paintings by Pierre-Auguste Renoir were among the first to be showcased at the first autonomous Impressionist Exhibition that was hosted in Paris, France in the year 1874.  

#7: Frederic Bazille  Frederic Bazille was well known for his paintings that depicted the outdoors also commonly referred to as en plein air in French. Besides painting, Frederic also studied medicine. However, he focused on impressionism after having failed in the medical examination. Having come from an affluent family, Frederic tried to assist other impressionist artist showcase their works.

#8: Alfred Sisley  Alfred Sisley was famous for his impressionist landscape paintings. In contrast to other impressionist artists whose paintings depicted human figures, Alfred Sisley concentrated on landscape painting. As was the case with majorities of artists then, Alfred Sisley’s works were never recognized until his demise. Whereas Alfred Sisley was a prolific British impressionist artist, he was born in France.

#9: Berthe Morisot Berthe Morisot is one of the few women impressionist artistes whose works are still revered to date. Some of her paintings were showcased at the renowned Salon de Paris. Nonetheless, in spite of not having most of her works displayed at major art exhibitions around France she managed to become one of the first impressionists whose works of arts were displayed in an art exhibition that was hosted in Paris, France in 1874.

#10: Mary Cassatt Whereas Mary Cassatt was born in the United States, major part of her life was spent in France. She contributed to the impressionist movement after having met Edgar Degas in Paris, France. Her paintings portrayed the personal and social lives of women who were living in the 19th century.


10 Most Famous Paintings of all Time

Art collectors from all over the world spend millions of dollars annually in acquiring some of the most famous paintings of all times. Then again, it is important to point out that just because a particular painting is costly does not mean that it is famous. Some of the most famous paintings are priceless. They are hanged in museums for everyone to see. Listed herein, are some of the 10 most famous paintings of all time.

#1: Mona Lisa

Chances are that you guessed Mona Lisa as the famous painting of all time. Leonardo da Vinci is credited for having painted Mona Lisa. The painting was done during the Renaissance in Florence. It is believed that the painting was started in the year 1503 and completed in 1519. The painting portrays Lisa Del Giocondo, who was from an affluent household in Florence.

Unfortunately, the painting was stolen in 1911 by an employee at the Louvre. Being an Italian, he believed that Mona Lisa should be returned to Italy where it truly belonged and not France. He managed to conceal the painting in his apartment for close to 2 years. However, the long arm of the law finally caught up with him when he attempted to sell it to a Gallery in Florence.

#2: Starry Night

Vincent van Gogh was the famous Dutch artist who painted the Starry Night. While Van Gogh might have only sold a single painting, his thoughts and brilliance are still depicted in the Starry Night. In addition to being one of the most famous paintings of all times, Starry Night is reputed for being one of the popular images in contemporary culture.

Starry Night depicts a small village in the city of Saint-Remy beneath a swirling sky. Unknown to most people is that the village is being viewed at an angle from an asylum.

#3: The Last Supper

This 15th century mural canvas was done by Leonardo da Vinci. It covers the entire rear wall of the banquet hall at the famous monastery of Santa Maria in Milan. The painting depicts the scenery of the last supper as Jesus and his disciples per took the last meal. Work on The Last Supper was started in 1495 and completed in 1498.

#4: The Creation of Adam

The Creation of Adam can be found on the ceiling of Sistine Chapel. This famous painting was done by Michelangelo. Michelangelo begin working on the painting begun in the year 1508 and ended in 1512. The painting was commissioned by Pope Julius II. The Creation of Adam is one of the most popular works of art during the High Renaissance.

#5: Guernica

Guernica was done by Pablo Picasso and still remains as one of the best paintings ever done by Picasso. The painting depicts tragedies of war as well as the sufferings inflicted on people as a result of a war. The painting was done by Pablo Picasso with an aim of attracting the attention of the world when Germans bombed the small town of Basque in Guernica. The painting was completed in the year 1937.

#6: The Girl with a Perl Earring

The Girl with a Perl Earring is also commonly known as the “Dutch Mona Lisa”. This famous painting was done by Johannes Vermeer. In spite of having painted one of the most famous paintings in the world, there is little that is known about Johannes Vermeer and his paintings. The painting is not dated, and as such it is not known when the painting was commissioned. Above all, it is still a mystery as to who commissioned this painting. According to historians, The Girl with a Perl Earring was meant as a traditional portrait.

#7: The Scream

The Series is a basically a sequence of prints and expressionists that was done by a well-known Norwegian artist. The painting portrays a tormented figure against a backdrop of crimson sky. The Scream was commissioned in 1893 and is currently displayed at the National Gallery of Norway.

#8: Night Watch

The Night Watch was completed in the year 1642. The painting was done at the height of Dutch Golden Age. The painting which was done by well-known Rembrandt van Rijn showcases a city guard that is moving out.

#9: Water Lilies

The painting is a sequence of roughly 250 oil paintings. The painting was done by famous impressionist, Claude Monet. According to historians, the painting showcases Claude Monet’s garden and was one of the key paintings that was done in the sunset years of his life.

#10: The Birth of Venus

The painting was created by Sandro Botticelli between 1485 and 1487. The painting portrays the goddess of Venus arising from the ocean while riding on a shell. As is the case with the Girl with Pearl Earrings, it is not known who commissioned the painting. The location where the painting was done is also a mystery.

10 Benefits of Training on an Exercise Bike

Exercise bike is one of the highly sorts after home fitness equipment. Stationary bikes are not only user friendly, but are light and portable.

Exercise bikes are the easiest and simplest ways to stay fit and healthy from the comfort of your own home. Their ergonomic design makes them suitable for virtually every member of the family. In comparison to jogging or walking, stationary bikes are the best fat burning exercises. The only setback is that exercise bikes concentrate only on leg plus buttock muscles. For optimum results, it is highly recommended that you workout on the exercise bike for extended periods of time.

Listed below, are some of the benefits of stationary bikes:

The Pros

–          User friendly.

–          Convenient.

–          Compact size, thus making it suitable for home use.

–          Suitable for persons with orthopedic issues.

–          Can be used throughout the year. It does not matter whether it’s winter, summer or fall.

–          You can follow your favorite TV program while working out on exercise bikes.

–          Minimal impact to the joints, hips, spine and ankles.

–          Developing a rhythmic pace is quite easy, thus making it suitable for fat burning.

–           Suitable for developing leg strength.

–          Modern models come with built-in fan. This in turn keeps you cool and fresh throughout the workout session.

If you would like to gain from benefits outlined above, shop online for your exercise bike today.

Exercise Bike: The Secret to Losing Weight & Keeping Fit

ImageMore and more people are beginning to appreciate the value of an exercise bike. In contrast to treadmills, exercise bikes are the most ideal fitness machines for your home gym. They are not only easy to use, but affordable.

This article looks into detail some of the reasons why you need to invest in an exercise bike for your home gym.

#1: Weight Loss

According to a recent study, exercise bikes have aided hundreds of thousands of Americans to not only shade excess fat from their bodies, but achieve their fitness objectives. As such, you too can benefit from exercise bikes too.

Cycling exercise bikes at 15 km/h (i.e. 9 m/h) has been found to burn approximately 3 calories per kilogram of body mass. This is achieved in a span of 30 minutes. What this means is that, if you weigh 100 kilograms, you’ll lose roughly 300 calories in less 30 minutes. This is more than what you would have lost working out for 2 hours at the gym.

Cycling exercises bikes also raises your cardiac activity, thus increasing your lung capacity and metabolic rate in the process. Consequently, you’ll continue burning excess calories long after you are done working out.

When looking for affordability and variety when shopping for exercise bike, shop online. Moreover, the convenience and flexibility that the web offers cannot be compared to brick and mortar stores.