Exercise Bike: The Secret to Losing Weight & Keeping Fit

ImageMore and more people are beginning to appreciate the value of an exercise bike. In contrast to treadmills, exercise bikes are the most ideal fitness machines for your home gym. They are not only easy to use, but affordable.

This article looks into detail some of the reasons why you need to invest in an exercise bike for your home gym.

#1: Weight Loss

According to a recent study, exercise bikes have aided hundreds of thousands of Americans to not only shade excess fat from their bodies, but achieve their fitness objectives. As such, you too can benefit from exercise bikes too.

Cycling exercise bikes at 15 km/h (i.e. 9 m/h) has been found to burn approximately 3 calories per kilogram of body mass. This is achieved in a span of 30 minutes. What this means is that, if you weigh 100 kilograms, you’ll lose roughly 300 calories in less 30 minutes. This is more than what you would have lost working out for 2 hours at the gym.

Cycling exercises bikes also raises your cardiac activity, thus increasing your lung capacity and metabolic rate in the process. Consequently, you’ll continue burning excess calories long after you are done working out.

When looking for affordability and variety when shopping for exercise bike, shop online. Moreover, the convenience and flexibility that the web offers cannot be compared to brick and mortar stores.


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