10 Most Famous Paintings of all Time

Art collectors from all over the world spend millions of dollars annually in acquiring some of the most famous paintings of all times. Then again, it is important to point out that just because a particular painting is costly does not mean that it is famous. Some of the most famous paintings are priceless. They are hanged in museums for everyone to see. Listed herein, are some of the 10 most famous paintings of all time.

#1: Mona Lisa

Chances are that you guessed Mona Lisa as the famous painting of all time. Leonardo da Vinci is credited for having painted Mona Lisa. The painting was done during the Renaissance in Florence. It is believed that the painting was started in the year 1503 and completed in 1519. The painting portrays Lisa Del Giocondo, who was from an affluent household in Florence.

Unfortunately, the painting was stolen in 1911 by an employee at the Louvre. Being an Italian, he believed that Mona Lisa should be returned to Italy where it truly belonged and not France. He managed to conceal the painting in his apartment for close to 2 years. However, the long arm of the law finally caught up with him when he attempted to sell it to a Gallery in Florence.

#2: Starry Night

Vincent van Gogh was the famous Dutch artist who painted the Starry Night. While Van Gogh might have only sold a single painting, his thoughts and brilliance are still depicted in the Starry Night. In addition to being one of the most famous paintings of all times, Starry Night is reputed for being one of the popular images in contemporary culture.

Starry Night depicts a small village in the city of Saint-Remy beneath a swirling sky. Unknown to most people is that the village is being viewed at an angle from an asylum.

#3: The Last Supper

This 15th century mural canvas was done by Leonardo da Vinci. It covers the entire rear wall of the banquet hall at the famous monastery of Santa Maria in Milan. The painting depicts the scenery of the last supper as Jesus and his disciples per took the last meal. Work on The Last Supper was started in 1495 and completed in 1498.

#4: The Creation of Adam

The Creation of Adam can be found on the ceiling of Sistine Chapel. This famous painting was done by Michelangelo. Michelangelo begin working on the painting begun in the year 1508 and ended in 1512. The painting was commissioned by Pope Julius II. The Creation of Adam is one of the most popular works of art during the High Renaissance.

#5: Guernica

Guernica was done by Pablo Picasso and still remains as one of the best paintings ever done by Picasso. The painting depicts tragedies of war as well as the sufferings inflicted on people as a result of a war. The painting was done by Pablo Picasso with an aim of attracting the attention of the world when Germans bombed the small town of Basque in Guernica. The painting was completed in the year 1937.

#6: The Girl with a Perl Earring

The Girl with a Perl Earring is also commonly known as the “Dutch Mona Lisa”. This famous painting was done by Johannes Vermeer. In spite of having painted one of the most famous paintings in the world, there is little that is known about Johannes Vermeer and his paintings. The painting is not dated, and as such it is not known when the painting was commissioned. Above all, it is still a mystery as to who commissioned this painting. According to historians, The Girl with a Perl Earring was meant as a traditional portrait.

#7: The Scream

The Series is a basically a sequence of prints and expressionists that was done by a well-known Norwegian artist. The painting portrays a tormented figure against a backdrop of crimson sky. The Scream was commissioned in 1893 and is currently displayed at the National Gallery of Norway.

#8: Night Watch

The Night Watch was completed in the year 1642. The painting was done at the height of Dutch Golden Age. The painting which was done by well-known Rembrandt van Rijn showcases a city guard that is moving out.

#9: Water Lilies

The painting is a sequence of roughly 250 oil paintings. The painting was done by famous impressionist, Claude Monet. According to historians, the painting showcases Claude Monet’s garden and was one of the key paintings that was done in the sunset years of his life.

#10: The Birth of Venus

The painting was created by Sandro Botticelli between 1485 and 1487. The painting portrays the goddess of Venus arising from the ocean while riding on a shell. As is the case with the Girl with Pearl Earrings, it is not known who commissioned the painting. The location where the painting was done is also a mystery.


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