Professional Tips on Selecting the Right Mover

According to a recent study, it was discovered that relocating houses is the third most stressful thing in life after death and divorce. Consequently, selecting the right mover will go a long way in providing you with the much needed peace of mind while shifting houses. Moving houses not only strains you financially but emotionally. Hence, the only way through which you can make certain that the entire process is not a nightmare, but a blissful one, is selecting the right mover.

More than often, the first thing that a majority of people ask for when they first get in touch with movers is price estimate. Whereas your objective is to find the right moving company that can provide you excellent service at reasonable prices, your first course of action is to sift pretenders from experts. As such, you need to comprehend that there is an extremely minimal entry level within the moving industry. All that one requires is a good-looking website, personnel with excellent sales pitch, a few handymen, phone number and a truck. The task of selecting the right mover becomes even more confusing and challenging since majorities of movers are situated in industrial estates. With such minimal visibility, it is quite difficult to identify pretenders.

Everybody strives for the best deal when transacting business. Therefore, the first things that you need to be on the lookout for are movers that charge considerably low prices than others. Note that, pricing will only move you to the front line. The instant a move is started, every mistake contributes to the general cost. Hence, the more mistakes are made the more you are likely to incur. Professional movers will try to present to you the “best value for your money”. At the end of the move, what was originally quoted to you is what will be presented. For a company to achieve this kind of feat, it needs to have excellent communication, processes, relationship management, systems and physical logistics. While you may be paying more for the service, the overall cost will be quite less since emotional and physical strain are eliminated.

Most movers are skilled at converting a client’s move into a product acquisition by quoting prices in terms of cubic meters. What a majority of consumers do not know is that this is just by a sales ploy. Most consumers are not abreast with measurements and as such a number of movers tend to take advantage of their ignorance. When it comes to selecting moving companies, consider companies that base their price estimate based on the service offered and not the amount of items they are to carry per cubic meter. The main reason why a majority of movers us measurements, for example, cubic meters when preparing price estimates is because they are simply trying to safeguard themselves from quotation errors. By eliminating service from the entire equation, they are creating room for extra fees. Then again, how many consumers are given refunds in instances where the measurements are less compared to what was originally quoted? Moving ought not to be viewed as a merchandize; rather it should be seen as a service offered to a client. The thought that your household items are secure will give you a peace of mind to go about your other things as the company completes the move.

Since moving houses is not an activity that a majority of consumers do most of the time, finding a reliable and trusted brand is rather difficult. But you can find a reputable brand by asking for references from friends or visiting the Better Business Bureau ( website for movers in your area.


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