World Prostate Cancer Statistics

Because not all cases of prostate cancer are reported, it is hard to come across a reliable statistic. Still, it is crucial that you acquaint yourself with prostate cancer statistics. From the statistics, you will be able to know which countries are more prone to the disease than others thereby enabling you to take necessary measures to keep the disease at bay. Listed below, are some of the recent figures in regards to prostate cancer in the world.

  • Cases of prostate cancer are quite rare in Eastern and Southern Asia. The disease is also least in Asian men. It does not matter whether they reside in their native countries or abroad. According to the CDC – Center for Disease Control, this can be attributed to nutrition. Diet in Easter and Southern Asia is mainly composed of vegetables and fish.
  • Prostate cancer is quite common in North America, especially in the United States. The CDC states that prostate cancer is the main cause of death in the US than any other disease in men.

The disease is also prevalent in European countries such as UK. As a matter of fact, prostate cancer is the second most common form of cancer in UK. May be the main cause for this is the fact that nearly all cases of prostate cancer are reported in the UK compared to other countries.

High consumption of animal fat is the other reason why cases of prostate cancer are on the rise in the United States and UK.

  • Prostate cancer is common in older men. Men aged 50 and above are more likely to be diagnosed with the disease. Surprisingly, men who are aged 70 and above live with prostate cancer without knowing it.
  • The survival rate for men with prostate cancer in England as at the end of December, 2001 was pegged at 71%. This is a huge contrast to the 40% survival rate in 1975. This can be attributed to the advancement in technology.

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