Painting Contractor: Reasons for Hiring a Painting Contractor to Paint Your Home Inside and Out

There is no doubt that hiring a painting contractor to paint your house is the easiest and fastest means to add some freshness to your home. Notwithstanding whether you are painting your child’s room or adding some color to the exterior finishing, rest assured that painting is the best home improvement strategies which is not only cost effective, but guarantees fast ROI (return on investment).

Nonetheless, hiring a painting contractor to paint the interior and exterior walls as well as the trims adds more value to your home. The benefits of painting your home are numerous and varied. In fact, adding a new coat of paint can help to boost the health of your family. This is in addition to enhancing both the inner and curb appeal.

But if you are still not sure why spending that extra dollar in painting your walls and trims is a good investment idea, consider some of the benefits of painting your home outlined herein.

  1. If you would like to increase the value of your home, consider hiring a reputable painting contractor to paint the interior and exterior surfaces including the trim. The reason why painting helps in boosting the real estate worth of the home is because painting increases the curb appeal. When shopping for homes, prospective buyers are more likely to be attracted to homes that have better curb appeal than the rest. As a result, they will willingly pay the asking price.
  2. Hiring a reputable painting contractor to repaint the interior walls, exterior surfaces and trims will enhance the quality of indoor air. But how is this possible? When painting the interior surfaces, an experienced and skilled painting contractor will use superior, zero rated VOC and low VOC paints. This in turn helps to minimize the odors and emissions in the home. While promoting the quality of indoor air, such paints will also boost the health of your family.
  3. Painting helps to minimize the level of dust in your home. This is especially important if you have opted for plaster instead of dry wall finishing. Hiring a painting contractor to paint the interior walls and other surfaces will greatly help in reducing the level of dust in your home. Besides reducing the amount of dust in your home, painting also functions in maintaining the quality of plaster. If you are residing in an old home, make an effort of using high quality paints on all the surfaces.
  4. Painting can help in concealing permanent marks as well as stains. As the home ages, you will notice certain stains or marks on the walls and ceiling. Sadly, you cannot conceal such marks by simply adding a splash of paint to the walls. On the other hand, you can cleverly conceal the blemishes by hiring a painting contractor to repaint your home.
  5. Painting helps in protecting exterior surfaces. Elements such as rain, snow and wind can greatly affect the visual appeal of the exterior surfaces. But you can ensure that the aesthetic appeal of your home is not affected by hiring a painting contractor to repaint the walls and other exterior surfaces every 5-6 years.



Siding Replacement: Warning Signs that You Need to Replace the Siding on Your Home

Siding replacement is probably one of the things that you hardly think of including in your to-do list. Expect if there is a particular or pressing issue with the siding on the home, siding replacement might not appear on the radar of majorities of home owners.

Then again, siding replacement is something that you need to consider. As is the case with roofing and other structural components making up your house, siding is also subject to wear and tear. As the siding ages, it starts to become weak. Leaks are some of the problems that you will have to deal with if your siding is old. Sadly, when the siding starts to leak, it exposes your home to a myriad of problems that may be too costly to fix.

Nonetheless, how can an average home owner tell if siding replacement is due? Are there warning signs which the home owner can look for? The good news is that there are particular telltale signs which the home owner can be on the lookout for which are basically indicators that siding replacement is appropriate.

  1. 1.       Are you spending a lot of money in repainting your home?

How frequently do you repaint your home? If your home needs repainting after every 5-6 years, it is a clear sign that the siding is depilated. So in order to avoid spending a lot of money in repainting work, consider siding replacement as one of the major home renovations tasks. If the siding is in perfect condition, then it should be able to keep the paintwork in good condition for at least 8 to 10 years. But if the siding is chipping, cracking or peeling off, it is a warning sign that there is a huge problem. So replacement should be contemplated.

  1. 2.       Are your cooling and heating bills increasing by the day?

If you are suddenly spending too much money on cooling and heating bills, it could be a sign that the siding is falling off and siding replacement should be considered. Still, an increase in cooling and heating bills could be due to several other factors. For example, the problem could be as a result of a damaged roof, off track garage doors or leaking basements. But if these problems have been ruled out, maybe the problem could be with the siding.

If the siding is too old or if you used a poor material for siding, chances are that your heating and cooling bills will spiral out of control. Calling an expert to assess the condition of the exterior home insulation will enable you to know if the siding is damaged and whether repairs or replacement is appropriate.

  1. 3.       Is the siding decaying or warping?

Hiring a siding contractor to assess the general condition of the siding on your home every 4-5 years should be regarded as a good investment. For example, you will be able to know if the boards used for the siding are starting to decay. A thorough inspection of the siding will also indicate to you if there are signs of warping. The need to hire an expert to visually inspect the home’s siding is especially important if you no longer have the time to do so on your own. If it is determined that there are signs of decay or warping on the material used for the exterior insulation, you need to start contemplating siding replacement.

  1. 4.       Is the siding cracked or starting to become loose?

Elements like strong winds and storm can cause a couple of the boards used for siding to become loose or to crack. Such damages can easily be repaired by replacing the few boards that were damaged by the storm. But if the damage is too extensive, it is probably a good thing that you consider siding replacement.


Window Quotes: Tips for Obtaining Accurate Window Quotes

Only a handful of homeowners appreciate ghastly surprises. Sadly, ghastly economic surprises have often proved to be worse. If you are in the process of replacing your current windows with durable and energy efficient models, odds are that you will want to obtain window quotes so that you know how much money to commit to the project.

Even if you are contemplating DIY window replacement, you will still need to obtain window quotes since labor is the only thing that you won’t be paying for. Because the biggest chunk of the budget will go into window replacement, it is imperative that you obtain a correct window replacement quote.

Tips for Getting Exact Window Quotes

The first thing that you need to do is to request a window vendor to visit your home. Note that there are several elements that will influence the cost of acquiring the replacement windows and you need a reputable replacement window vendor to assist you with estimating the overall cost. One of the things that the vendor will do is to measure all the windows in your home. This is to ensure that the manufactured windows will accurately fit in your home.

Once the measurements are complete, you can sit down with the vendor and discuss a few details about the windows that are to be ordered.

  1. 1.       What Types of Accessories Come With the Replacement Window?

The next step to obtaining accurate window quotes is finding out the various accessories that come alongside the replacement windows. By doing so, you will be able to identify the elements you will need to order together with the window. Mounting kits, screens and locking hardware are just but some of the accessories that you need to enquire. Get to know if the accessories you are enquiring about will be incorporated in the price estimate.

  1. 2.       What Type of Model of Window Replacement Are You Buying?

Do not forget to confirm if the window replacement vendor has included the type of model you are requesting in the window quotes. For example, get to know if the window you have ordered comprises of the features listed below:

–          Are the glasses on the windows tinted?

–          Are the glasses on the windows classified as Low-E?

Confirming whether the features of the replacement window have been included in the invoice gives you the peace of mind that everything that you have asked for will be delivered. On the other hand, if you are buying replacement windows for your bathroom, make sure that the glasses are correctly tempered.

  1. 3.       How many replacement windows are you ordering?

It is quite possible to overlook a few things when trying to compute what you need to order. Therefore, it is important you double-check everything with the window replacement vendor before accepting the windows quote. This can be done by walking with the vendor around your home for the final time with an aim of making sure that everything you have ordered has been included in the price estimate. Even if there is a single item missing on the price estimate, there may be arguments when the final invoice is sent to you.