What You Need to Known When Picking a Domain Name

If you want your web address to be authoritative and professional, then do not settle for free domain names. Also commonly referred to as sub-domain names, free domain names will deny you the extra income from ads. Internet users are also less likely to trust websites that use free domain names.  

Websites that generate substantial amount of traffic are a darling for online marketers. As a result, you will boost your earnings if online marketers choose to use ads and banners on your website.  But, do you really know what to look for when buying domain name?

A good domain name should correspond with the content and name of your website. This makes it easy for visitors to remember the URL. Exceptional domain names are also short and marketable. It should also be easy to pronounce in order to eliminate room for spelling mistakes.

Knowing what to opt for when purchasing domain name can be difficult. But with extra help from a professional, you will find the process quite simple. The key things to keep in mind when shopping for premium domain name have been listed below:

  1. Do you want a domain name that is easy to discover or brand?

This will mainly depend on your strategy. For example:

–          Are you totally depending on traffic generated by organic search engine results?

–          Are you focusing on paid search engine results?

If you are relying on traffic generated by organic search engine results, it’s imperative that you optimize your domain using keywords like attorney, plumbing and remodeling. For example, if you are a DUI attorney, you can use a phrase like duiattorney.com.

For businesses that are relying on paid search listings, a reputable domain seller should be able to advise you on how well to optimize the web address to suit your market niche.

  1. Opt for accessible .com domain names

There are different types of domain name extensions. Unfortunately, not all of them can provide you with the value and authority that you need. For example, if you are charitable organization and choose to use domain name extensions like .com, .biz or .net, you will lose trust amongst your target audience.

.com is a popular and credible domain name extension compared to .info and .net. Spammers have in the past used .info domain extensions. This in turn has roused a lot of doubts in .info websites, though this is slowly changing.

It is also easy for an online user to assume that your URL has a .com extension. For example, if a person was looking for a DUI attorney in California, they will rely on organic search results for the first search. After identifying your site and noting the web address as caduiattorny.net, probably the next time he/she searches for your website, they’ll type caduiattorney.com. This is because .com comes naturally.

As a result, you will lose that particular client to a competitor that has a user-friendly domain name compared to yours.

  1. The domain name should be easy to remember

Easy to recall domain names are favorites for SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). Yet, you cannot also discount word-of-mouth referral. While it is important for your domain name to unique, it should also be easy to remember. If a person cannot remember your web address, they are less likely to refer a potential client. Easy to remember domain names are industry or product related, for example, tvguide.com.

Before buying domain name, consult an expert. You may be surprised at the kind of value that a good domain name can add to your online business.


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