What’s the Value of Domain Name Extensions to Your Online Business?

Most people hardly give much thought to the second part of a website name. More than often, the thought only comes after the completion of a website design. The second part s also commonly referred to as domain name extension and plays a major role in the success of an online business. A lot of thought need to be given to domain name extensions while shopping for a domain name because it will determine:

–          Ease with which to recall the website address. Domain name extensions like .co.uk are not relatively easy to remember.

–          The authority of a website. Websites with .org and .gov extensions tend to have more authority when providing citation.

Different Types of Domain Name Extensions

  1. .edu

This type of domain name extension is usually preserved for educational institutions like colleges, universities and high schools. If you are creating an educational website, .edu would probably be the best domain name extension.

  1. .gov

Government operated websites use the .gov extension. For example, the address of the US Department of Treasury website is Treasury.gov. Any other government department will use its name proceeded by the .gov extension.

  1. .org

The .org extension is solely preserved for non-profit organizations. Besides, it would be awkward for an organization like UN to use the extension .com or .net. It makes online users have some form of doubt if a non-profit organization has a different extension other than .org.

  1. .com

This is perhaps the most popular domain name extension. It is mostly preferred by commercial organizations like Microsoft, Apple and IBM. So long as you have a business entity, the appropriate domain name extension should be.com.

If a particular domain name with the .com extension is taken, other businesses may prefer extensions like .net and .biz.

The Value of Domain Name Extensions

At surface level, it is quite easy to conclude that domain name extensions do not matter. But a closer look reveals that:

–          Domain name extension gives value and authority to a website. A quick look at the Google SERP (Search Engine Result Page) shows that highly ranked websites have .com, .org and .edu extensions. For example, if you are looking to make a donation to a charity and the website has an .info extension, odds are that you will have some reservations.

–          The extension determines how easy it is to remember a website. The first time you are searching for a product or service, you will rely on organic search engine results. But once you have identified a business, odds are that you will naturally type the website name the next time you need a product or service. For most people, the .com extension comes naturally. But if the website has a co.net or .biz extension, they will be directed to a different site.

If the extension you are looking for is not available when purchasing domain name, a reputable service provider like WebDevCom will advise you on what to do. For example, you may be advised to personalize the domain name. Still, the company can negotiate for the purchase of a domain name that has already been taken.


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