About Good IT Online Marketing Services

good-it-online-marketing-servicesGood IT Online Marketing Services

Welcome to Good IT Online Marketing Services, an established content creation, project management, translation services, e-marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) company based in Nairobi, Kenya.

At Good IT Online Marketing Services, we are dedicated towards providing our clients with innovative and creative products and services designed to meet their business needs. Examples of services provided by our company include, but not limited to:

–          Content creation, for example, blogging, social media posts, enterprise content management, copy writing services, writing and editing and search engine optimization.

–          Translation services, for example, product packaging, presentations, websites and documents.

–          Project management services, for example, project timing, team leadership, performance reviews and resource allocation.

–          eMarketing and SEO, for example, e-mail marketing, social media, display advertising and SEO/SEM.

Distinct service structures as well as application of cutting-edge technology in our work are what make Good IT Online Marketing Services different from other companies available in the market. Moreover, our customers benefit from the convenience of dedicated project managers whose function is to coordinate the work assigned by our clients with an aim of guaranteeing quality. This in turn enables our clients to realize the benefits of the most competitive pricing in the industry delivered with superior performance.

Good IT Online Marketing Services projects employ innovative use of technology to solve customers’ unique problems. We strongly believe that we succeed when ours customers succeed.



We have a total of 2,100 square feet state-of-the-art facilities center located at the center of city center. We also have heterorganic network with dedicated Servers with power backup and Redundancy backup servers. We have a dedicated internet connectivity of 1mbps leased line. Good IT Online Marketing Services has computing platform of networked architecture, capable of executing a wide range of projects assigned by clients.


Lower operating costs of customers by providing world class outsourcing services. Good IT Online Marketing Services accomplishes this by enhancing productivity.


Our vision is to grow into a leading crowd sourcing service provider and a reputed IT services company that provides reliable solutions to the industry.

Project Management:

Our Project Managers work with Based on the information provided, they take full responsibility to ensure that all aspects of the production cycle are managed effectively .Their responsibilities include setting schedules, hiring monitoring the progress of titles, and effectively communicating with, the technical staff. Our team of Project Managers is well trained and experienced in typesetting Industry.

Page Composition:

Good IT Online Marketing Services has a Good workforce of highly qualified staff with experience in various tools used for composition and related services. The following are the different types of software used for providing the services.

– Adobe InDesign

– CS3 and CS4.

With streamlined processes Good IT Online Marketing Services is able to meet the strictest of schedules while maintaining the highest quality.

Data Conversion:

Good IT Online Marketing Services has a Good workforce of highly qualified staff with experience in various tools used for Data Conversion and related services. The following Data Conversion are Managing at our end. XML Conversion, HTML Conversion, ePub Conversion, JPEG or PDF to other format Conversion

Details of Hard ware available in all the Projects

  1. Servers – 4
  2. Computers – 30
  3. Printers – 10 (Mono laser printers, Color printers)
  4. Scanners – 10

Along with the above mentioned hardware Good IT Online Marketing Services is equipped with ten programmers and around fifty data entry operators at present.



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