What Does the Future Look Like for Property Management Companies?

What the Future Looks Like for Property Managers

What the Future Looks Like for Property Managers

Like other businesses, the property management industry is bound to change in the next decade. The trend is more likely to skew towards internet usage to find rental properties. In a study conducted by the Internet World Stats on internet usage in the United States, roughly 77.3% of the American population used the internet to find information as of December, 2010. So renters are more likely to rely on the internet to find apartments for rental because:

1. The Generation Y Interacts In a Different Way

The Generation Y is the age group that was born in the 1980s and 1990s. Unlike the previous generation, they have expertise in both digital and electronic technology. As a result, they prefer to:

–          Use emails or short text messages to phone calls to communicate.

–          Complete online rental forms rather than fill a hardcopy.

–          Utilize automatic online payment services to signing and hand delivering checks.

In order to find potential renters, property management companies need to adjust according to the needs of the Generation Y.

2. Tenants Are Increasingly Relying on Online Reviews

According to a research by J Turner Research, more and more people are banking on online review sites to find apartments to lease. As per the survey:

–          64% of high-rise occupants depended on online rental listing sites to identify their apartments.

–          74% of those interviewed relied on online ratings when looking for their current apartments.

–          More than 90% of the respondents used Facebook to find neighborhood information, for example, community events and restaurants.

The findings also reveal that tenant retention rates can be enhanced by using social media sites such as Twitter to educate tenants on the positive aspects of a neighborhood.

Embracing online reputation management is essential in ensuring that property management companies remain competitive.

3. Mass Marketing Is No Longer Effective

In order to increase their ROI (Return on Investment), businesses are adopting customized marketing. This form of advertising not only enables a business to understand its audience, but market exclusively to them. The benefits of personalized marketing include:

–          The ability to improve tenant retention rate.

–          The capacity to increase conversion rates.

The future of property management is promising. But in order for property managers to gain a competitive edge, they need to make changes to their marketing techniques. For instance, they need to start using social network sites to increase their exposure by highlighting the important features of an area.





The Four Main Stages of a Divorce Proceeding

The Four Main Stages of a Divorce Proceeding

The Four Main Stages of a Divorce Proceeding

Before a divorce can be finalized, it has to go through different stages. For example, the process starts with filing a petition. This signals your intent to divorce or separate from your partner. Thereafter, the papers are served to the other party. Completion of the two stages paves way for other procedures such as determination on how to share custody of the children and splitting of marital assets.

1. Filing a Petition

The spouse filing the petition is known as the petitioner. The request for divorce or legal separation is filed in a state court within the county where either the husband or wife lives. The different forms that have to be filed in this particular stage include:

–          Form FL-110. This is an application designed to summon the other spouse to a divorce court.

–          Form FL-100. This request seeks to annul the marriage. The form contains important details such as assets owned by the family, the location of different properties and the children’s, husband’s and wife’s names.

2. Service Process

The spouse being served the petition is referred to as the respondent. He/she has to recognize the delivery of divorce papers. If the respondent declines to acknowledge receipt of service, the petitioner may be compelled to enlist the help of an expert process server. This allows for the papers to be personally delivered to the respondent.

Completing the service process, kick starts the waiting period (i.e. the time you have to wait before the divorce can be settled). At this point, the petitioner and respondent are barred from:

–          Disposing any type of asset.

–          Moving children to a different state.

–          Borrowing money against a property, for example, a house, land or car.

3. Child Custody

If there is a child involved, it’s important to understand the difference between sole custody and joint custody.

In sole custody, a parent (i.e. the custodial parent) not only has the legal, but physical custody of a child. In this instance, the parent:

–          Stays most of the time with the child.

–          Makes lawful decisions in regards to the wellness of the child, for example, where to seek medical treatment and where to go to school.

4. Asset Division

Asset division is one of the most challenging aspects of a divorce proceeding. During the procedure, separating couples need to understand the types of assets, which are:

–          Beneficial for short-term financial security.

–          Valuable for long-term financial security.

Laws on how to split marital assets may also differ from one state to the other. However, most Separate Property laws take into account:

–          Assets which were acquired before the marriage.

–          Properties that were inherited prior to and after the marriage.

–          Gifts that were received from third parties, for example, cars, jewelries and houses.

–          Compensation from lawsuits such as workers compensation judgment.

If an asset acquired before the marriage, for instance, a condo is re-titled to include the husband or wife as the co-proprietor, it automatically loses its separate property status.

An understanding of the different stages of a divorce is important in enabling you to prepare for the procedure.



Three Reasons Why You Need to Install Window Awnings

Window awnings are great investments because they provide economic, health and social benefits. For example, by lowering the temperatures underneath the awnings, you are able to sit and relax outside without having to worry about the effects of prolonged exposure to UV light. By minimizing the amount of UV light getting into your home, awnings can prevent damages like discoloration to interior décor and furniture.

  1. Reduce your air conditioning bills

Depending on where your windows are facing (e.g. south or west), window awnings can minimize solar heat gain inside your home by between 65% and 77%. Heat gain in the summer can even be reduced further by opting for custom-made awnings. Unlike normal awnings, custom built awnings are designed to cover the entire side of a home.

According to the Professional Awning Manufacturers Association, this can result in roughly 20% savings on your air conditioning bills. By exerting less pressure on your HVAC system, less money will be spent on air conditioning repairs.

The savings realized from the cooling expenses and HVAC repair costs, will overtime pay for the awning installation.

  1. Protect your family from prolonged exposure to UV light

Awnings bearing the Seal of Recommendation from the Skin Cancer Foundation can help to safeguard against the risk of sun-induced skin conditions like skin cancer and solar lentigo. This is because the awnings are designed to block a significant amount of harmful rays from the sum. As a result, you are able to sit outside with your family and enjoy a meal or an afternoon nap and not have to be concerned about the possibilities of getting skin cancer.

  1. Improve the aesthetic appeal of your home

Installation of retractable awnings can also change the appearance of your patio. For example, you can pick a color and pattern that complements the general landscape and other décor aspects of your home (e.g. paint). The increased curb appeal will also make your home stand out from the rest.  

  1. Extend your outdoor living area

The shade provided by the window awnings will extend your outdoor living space. For example, in the summer, you can use the shaded area for barbecuing or lounging. Consequently, you will find yourself spending more time outdoors than indoors in the summer.

At first glance, awning installation may seem like an unnecessary expense. But after carefully analyzing the benefits, you will realize that the advantages greatly outweigh the disadvantages.

What You Need to Known When Picking a Domain Name

If you want your web address to be authoritative and professional, then do not settle for free domain names. Also commonly referred to as sub-domain names, free domain names will deny you the extra income from ads. Internet users are also less likely to trust websites that use free domain names.  

Websites that generate substantial amount of traffic are a darling for online marketers. As a result, you will boost your earnings if online marketers choose to use ads and banners on your website.  But, do you really know what to look for when buying domain name?

A good domain name should correspond with the content and name of your website. This makes it easy for visitors to remember the URL. Exceptional domain names are also short and marketable. It should also be easy to pronounce in order to eliminate room for spelling mistakes.

Knowing what to opt for when purchasing domain name can be difficult. But with extra help from a professional, you will find the process quite simple. The key things to keep in mind when shopping for premium domain name have been listed below:

  1. Do you want a domain name that is easy to discover or brand?

This will mainly depend on your strategy. For example:

–          Are you totally depending on traffic generated by organic search engine results?

–          Are you focusing on paid search engine results?

If you are relying on traffic generated by organic search engine results, it’s imperative that you optimize your domain using keywords like attorney, plumbing and remodeling. For example, if you are a DUI attorney, you can use a phrase like duiattorney.com.

For businesses that are relying on paid search listings, a reputable domain seller should be able to advise you on how well to optimize the web address to suit your market niche.

  1. Opt for accessible .com domain names

There are different types of domain name extensions. Unfortunately, not all of them can provide you with the value and authority that you need. For example, if you are charitable organization and choose to use domain name extensions like .com, .biz or .net, you will lose trust amongst your target audience.

.com is a popular and credible domain name extension compared to .info and .net. Spammers have in the past used .info domain extensions. This in turn has roused a lot of doubts in .info websites, though this is slowly changing.

It is also easy for an online user to assume that your URL has a .com extension. For example, if a person was looking for a DUI attorney in California, they will rely on organic search results for the first search. After identifying your site and noting the web address as caduiattorny.net, probably the next time he/she searches for your website, they’ll type caduiattorney.com. This is because .com comes naturally.

As a result, you will lose that particular client to a competitor that has a user-friendly domain name compared to yours.

  1. The domain name should be easy to remember

Easy to recall domain names are favorites for SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). Yet, you cannot also discount word-of-mouth referral. While it is important for your domain name to unique, it should also be easy to remember. If a person cannot remember your web address, they are less likely to refer a potential client. Easy to remember domain names are industry or product related, for example, tvguide.com.

Before buying domain name, consult an expert. You may be surprised at the kind of value that a good domain name can add to your online business.

What’s the Value of Domain Name Extensions to Your Online Business?

Most people hardly give much thought to the second part of a website name. More than often, the thought only comes after the completion of a website design. The second part s also commonly referred to as domain name extension and plays a major role in the success of an online business. A lot of thought need to be given to domain name extensions while shopping for a domain name because it will determine:

–          Ease with which to recall the website address. Domain name extensions like .co.uk are not relatively easy to remember.

–          The authority of a website. Websites with .org and .gov extensions tend to have more authority when providing citation.

Different Types of Domain Name Extensions

  1. .edu

This type of domain name extension is usually preserved for educational institutions like colleges, universities and high schools. If you are creating an educational website, .edu would probably be the best domain name extension.

  1. .gov

Government operated websites use the .gov extension. For example, the address of the US Department of Treasury website is Treasury.gov. Any other government department will use its name proceeded by the .gov extension.

  1. .org

The .org extension is solely preserved for non-profit organizations. Besides, it would be awkward for an organization like UN to use the extension .com or .net. It makes online users have some form of doubt if a non-profit organization has a different extension other than .org.

  1. .com

This is perhaps the most popular domain name extension. It is mostly preferred by commercial organizations like Microsoft, Apple and IBM. So long as you have a business entity, the appropriate domain name extension should be.com.

If a particular domain name with the .com extension is taken, other businesses may prefer extensions like .net and .biz.

The Value of Domain Name Extensions

At surface level, it is quite easy to conclude that domain name extensions do not matter. But a closer look reveals that:

–          Domain name extension gives value and authority to a website. A quick look at the Google SERP (Search Engine Result Page) shows that highly ranked websites have .com, .org and .edu extensions. For example, if you are looking to make a donation to a charity and the website has an .info extension, odds are that you will have some reservations.

–          The extension determines how easy it is to remember a website. The first time you are searching for a product or service, you will rely on organic search engine results. But once you have identified a business, odds are that you will naturally type the website name the next time you need a product or service. For most people, the .com extension comes naturally. But if the website has a co.net or .biz extension, they will be directed to a different site.

If the extension you are looking for is not available when purchasing domain name, a reputable service provider like WebDevCom will advise you on what to do. For example, you may be advised to personalize the domain name. Still, the company can negotiate for the purchase of a domain name that has already been taken.

Electric vs. Wood Fireplaces: The Pros and Cons of Each

Fireplaces are generally alternative heat sources in a home. Nevertheless, not all fireplaces are the same. Wood fireplaces are preferred by a number of homeowners because of the rustic appeal they add to a home. Electric fireplace on the other hand is a darling for some homeowners because it is cheap and easy to maintain. Unfortunately, electric fireplaces lack the traditional look that wood-burning fireplaces have.

So before making a decision on whether to invest in an electric or wood fireplace, consider the pros and cons of each fireplace:

Electric Fireplace

The Pros

The following are some of the reasons why you may find electric fireplaces appealing:

–          Electric fireplaces tend to effortlessly complement homes with contemporary architectural designs.

–          The cost of acquisition and installation is generally lower compared to that of a wood-burning fireplace.

–          Because the unit is free-standing, it can easily be transferred from one room to the other. Consequently, an electric fireplace offers more convenience compared to a wood fireplace.

–          The diminutive size of an electric fireplace makes it ideal for use in condos, studio apartments and homes where installation of wood-burning fireplace is not feasible.

–          Installation of an electric fireplace means that you can relish the ambiance provided by fire with or devoid of heat.

The Cons

The following are some of the drawbacks of investing in an electric fireplace:

–          Electric fireplaces lack the organic look which wood-burning fireplaces tend to have.

–          Electric fireplaces do not generate the kind of aroma or crackling noises produced by wood-burning fireplaces.

Wood-Burning Fireplace

The Pros

The benefits of wood fireplaces can be summarized as follows:

–          Wood fireplaces will provide you with heat even if there is a power outage.

–          The use of wood to generate heat helps to cut down energy bills in the winter.

–          Wood-burning fireplaces are charming because of their traditional look, aroma of burning wood and crackling sounds made while burning wood.

The Cons

The following are some of the reasons why you may find electric fireplaces better than wood-burning fireplaces:

–          Installation and maintenance cost is extremely high.

–          They are not ideal for use in smaller houses and homes with contemporary architectural design.

–          Wood-burning fireplaces are not energy efficient. It is believed that up to 90% if heat is lost through the chimney.

–          Burning of wood in order to produce heat tends to leave behind a lot of mess. Consequently, you need to clean the chimney at least once every year in order to ensure proper combustion of wood.

Painting Contractor: Reasons for Hiring a Painting Contractor to Paint Your Home Inside and Out

There is no doubt that hiring a painting contractor to paint your house is the easiest and fastest means to add some freshness to your home. Notwithstanding whether you are painting your child’s room or adding some color to the exterior finishing, rest assured that painting is the best home improvement strategies which is not only cost effective, but guarantees fast ROI (return on investment).

Nonetheless, hiring a painting contractor to paint the interior and exterior walls as well as the trims adds more value to your home. The benefits of painting your home are numerous and varied. In fact, adding a new coat of paint can help to boost the health of your family. This is in addition to enhancing both the inner and curb appeal.

But if you are still not sure why spending that extra dollar in painting your walls and trims is a good investment idea, consider some of the benefits of painting your home outlined herein.

  1. If you would like to increase the value of your home, consider hiring a reputable painting contractor to paint the interior and exterior surfaces including the trim. The reason why painting helps in boosting the real estate worth of the home is because painting increases the curb appeal. When shopping for homes, prospective buyers are more likely to be attracted to homes that have better curb appeal than the rest. As a result, they will willingly pay the asking price.
  2. Hiring a reputable painting contractor to repaint the interior walls, exterior surfaces and trims will enhance the quality of indoor air. But how is this possible? When painting the interior surfaces, an experienced and skilled painting contractor will use superior, zero rated VOC and low VOC paints. This in turn helps to minimize the odors and emissions in the home. While promoting the quality of indoor air, such paints will also boost the health of your family.
  3. Painting helps to minimize the level of dust in your home. This is especially important if you have opted for plaster instead of dry wall finishing. Hiring a painting contractor to paint the interior walls and other surfaces will greatly help in reducing the level of dust in your home. Besides reducing the amount of dust in your home, painting also functions in maintaining the quality of plaster. If you are residing in an old home, make an effort of using high quality paints on all the surfaces.
  4. Painting can help in concealing permanent marks as well as stains. As the home ages, you will notice certain stains or marks on the walls and ceiling. Sadly, you cannot conceal such marks by simply adding a splash of paint to the walls. On the other hand, you can cleverly conceal the blemishes by hiring a painting contractor to repaint your home.
  5. Painting helps in protecting exterior surfaces. Elements such as rain, snow and wind can greatly affect the visual appeal of the exterior surfaces. But you can ensure that the aesthetic appeal of your home is not affected by hiring a painting contractor to repaint the walls and other exterior surfaces every 5-6 years.


Siding Replacement: Warning Signs that You Need to Replace the Siding on Your Home

Siding replacement is probably one of the things that you hardly think of including in your to-do list. Expect if there is a particular or pressing issue with the siding on the home, siding replacement might not appear on the radar of majorities of home owners.

Then again, siding replacement is something that you need to consider. As is the case with roofing and other structural components making up your house, siding is also subject to wear and tear. As the siding ages, it starts to become weak. Leaks are some of the problems that you will have to deal with if your siding is old. Sadly, when the siding starts to leak, it exposes your home to a myriad of problems that may be too costly to fix.

Nonetheless, how can an average home owner tell if siding replacement is due? Are there warning signs which the home owner can look for? The good news is that there are particular telltale signs which the home owner can be on the lookout for which are basically indicators that siding replacement is appropriate.

  1. 1.       Are you spending a lot of money in repainting your home?

How frequently do you repaint your home? If your home needs repainting after every 5-6 years, it is a clear sign that the siding is depilated. So in order to avoid spending a lot of money in repainting work, consider siding replacement as one of the major home renovations tasks. If the siding is in perfect condition, then it should be able to keep the paintwork in good condition for at least 8 to 10 years. But if the siding is chipping, cracking or peeling off, it is a warning sign that there is a huge problem. So replacement should be contemplated.

  1. 2.       Are your cooling and heating bills increasing by the day?

If you are suddenly spending too much money on cooling and heating bills, it could be a sign that the siding is falling off and siding replacement should be considered. Still, an increase in cooling and heating bills could be due to several other factors. For example, the problem could be as a result of a damaged roof, off track garage doors or leaking basements. But if these problems have been ruled out, maybe the problem could be with the siding.

If the siding is too old or if you used a poor material for siding, chances are that your heating and cooling bills will spiral out of control. Calling an expert to assess the condition of the exterior home insulation will enable you to know if the siding is damaged and whether repairs or replacement is appropriate.

  1. 3.       Is the siding decaying or warping?

Hiring a siding contractor to assess the general condition of the siding on your home every 4-5 years should be regarded as a good investment. For example, you will be able to know if the boards used for the siding are starting to decay. A thorough inspection of the siding will also indicate to you if there are signs of warping. The need to hire an expert to visually inspect the home’s siding is especially important if you no longer have the time to do so on your own. If it is determined that there are signs of decay or warping on the material used for the exterior insulation, you need to start contemplating siding replacement.

  1. 4.       Is the siding cracked or starting to become loose?

Elements like strong winds and storm can cause a couple of the boards used for siding to become loose or to crack. Such damages can easily be repaired by replacing the few boards that were damaged by the storm. But if the damage is too extensive, it is probably a good thing that you consider siding replacement.


Window Quotes: Tips for Obtaining Accurate Window Quotes

Only a handful of homeowners appreciate ghastly surprises. Sadly, ghastly economic surprises have often proved to be worse. If you are in the process of replacing your current windows with durable and energy efficient models, odds are that you will want to obtain window quotes so that you know how much money to commit to the project.

Even if you are contemplating DIY window replacement, you will still need to obtain window quotes since labor is the only thing that you won’t be paying for. Because the biggest chunk of the budget will go into window replacement, it is imperative that you obtain a correct window replacement quote.

Tips for Getting Exact Window Quotes

The first thing that you need to do is to request a window vendor to visit your home. Note that there are several elements that will influence the cost of acquiring the replacement windows and you need a reputable replacement window vendor to assist you with estimating the overall cost. One of the things that the vendor will do is to measure all the windows in your home. This is to ensure that the manufactured windows will accurately fit in your home.

Once the measurements are complete, you can sit down with the vendor and discuss a few details about the windows that are to be ordered.

  1. 1.       What Types of Accessories Come With the Replacement Window?

The next step to obtaining accurate window quotes is finding out the various accessories that come alongside the replacement windows. By doing so, you will be able to identify the elements you will need to order together with the window. Mounting kits, screens and locking hardware are just but some of the accessories that you need to enquire. Get to know if the accessories you are enquiring about will be incorporated in the price estimate.

  1. 2.       What Type of Model of Window Replacement Are You Buying?

Do not forget to confirm if the window replacement vendor has included the type of model you are requesting in the window quotes. For example, get to know if the window you have ordered comprises of the features listed below:

–          Are the glasses on the windows tinted?

–          Are the glasses on the windows classified as Low-E?

Confirming whether the features of the replacement window have been included in the invoice gives you the peace of mind that everything that you have asked for will be delivered. On the other hand, if you are buying replacement windows for your bathroom, make sure that the glasses are correctly tempered.

  1. 3.       How many replacement windows are you ordering?

It is quite possible to overlook a few things when trying to compute what you need to order. Therefore, it is important you double-check everything with the window replacement vendor before accepting the windows quote. This can be done by walking with the vendor around your home for the final time with an aim of making sure that everything you have ordered has been included in the price estimate. Even if there is a single item missing on the price estimate, there may be arguments when the final invoice is sent to you.



Maytag MFC2061KES French Door Refrigerator Review

Maytag-MFC2061KES-French-Door-Refrigerator Maytag MFC2061KES French Door Refrigerator Definition

The Maytag MFC2061KES Refrigerator boasts of aesthetic and functional aspects. This 20 cubic feet freezer features a stainless steel finish designed to make it easy for the freezer to blend with the décor used in the kitchen.  The aesthetic value is enhanced further by the side-by-side doors meant to make storing and retrieval of foods and drinks simpler. Both the freezer and refrigerator doors close tightly thereby preventing children from needlessly opening and closing the doors which may affect the refrigerator’s performance.

The fresh zone compartment provides you with an area where you can keep perishable dairy products. The chilly temperatures in the dairy corner prevent foods such as milk, cheese and butter from losing their flavor. Fresh produce such as fruits and vegetables can be kept in the humidity-controlled crisper drawers. To guard the refrigerator from temperature fluctuations, the manufacturer has incorporated into the design an Electronic Triple Cool System.

Features and Specifications of the Maytag MFC2061KES French Door Refrigerator

–          Warranty: The MFC2061KES French Door Refrigerator comes with a 1 year warranty that covers both the parts and labor. Therefore, you will not be compelled to incur expenses in repairs that are attributed to manufacturing flaws.

–          Water Dispenser: By including in the design a water dispenser, the manufacturer basically ensured that you can have endless supply of fresh and chilled water. The filtration system installed in the water dispenser functions in preventing debris and other impurities from getting into your drinking water.

–          Energy Star Rating: The refrigerator is Energy Star compliant which basically means that it consumes roughly 20% less power than standard refrigerators. Therefore, you do not have to worry about increased electricity bills at the end of the month.

–          Crisper Drawers: The humidity-controlled crisper drawers have been designed to ensure the freshness and flavor of the fresh produced stored therein.

–          Capacity: The Maytag MFC2061KES Refrigerator offers consumers with roughly 20 cubic feet storage capacity. The storage therein is further enhanced by the adjustable glass shelves as well as the door bins. Instead of keeping sodas, juices, milk and bottled water on the shelves, you can use the door gallon bins.

–          Spill-Proof Glass Shelves: Cleaning spills and other messes in the refrigerator has been made pretty simpler by the spill-resistant glass shelves.

–          Electronic Triple Cool System: This feature functions in guaranteeing optimal operating temperatures in the refrigerator.

The Pros and Cons of the Maytag MFC2061KES French Door Refrigerator

The Maytag MFC2061KES French Door Refrigerator retails for roughly $3,000 online. Given the amount of money you are thinking of investing in this product, it is essential that you assess the pros and cons that come with the product:

The Pros

–          The refrigerator is covered by a 12 month warranty that covers both the parts and labor. Hence, in case of malfunctions attributed to manufacturing errors within the first 12 months, you will not have to incur additional expenses.

–          The inbuilt Pure-Chill water dispenser functions in providing you endless supply of clean and fresh drinking water.

–          The humidity-controlled crisper drawers function in guaranteeing the freshness and flavor of the fresh produce stored therein.

–          The side-by-side door configuration makes it easier for consumers to access the contents stored in the refrigerator.

–          The bottom basket has been included with an aim of offering you freezer functions. Therefore, you can rest assured that you will never be compelled into throwing away leftovers again.

–          The refrigerator consumes 20% less power compared to other brands and models. Consequently, you will not have to worry about increased electricity bills at the end of the month.

The Cons

–          Ensuring that the glossy finish in maintained requires extra cleaning.

–          While the manufacturer may have included a water dispenser, he ignored the need for an ice maker.


The Maytag MFC2061KES French Door Refrigerator is ideal for consumers who need a refrigerator that can also offer them chilled and fresh drinking water.