Samsung UE32EH5000 Widescreen 32-Inch LED TV

Samsung-UE32EH5000-Widescreen-32-Inch-LED-TVLED TVs are fast growing in popularity mainly because of their aesthetic features. Still, this does not mean that LED TVs are inferior to televisions with Cathode Ray Tube technology. The Samsung UE32EH5000 is a 32-inch LED TV with 1080p resolution, thus allowing you to relish movies, games and music recorded in HD.

The Samsung UE32EH5000 32-inch Full HD 1080p LED TV also boasts of a 2.0 USB connection that allows you to link the device to other devices like the iPad, PDA and mobile phones. Consequently, you can enjoy recordings stored in your phone or tablet PC in high definition by simply connecting it to the LED television.

To ensure that your £300 investment is safeguarded from risks such as power surges, the manufacturer has installed a power surge protector into this LED television. Therefore, rest assured that your TV is protected from unstable power supply, especially during rainy seasons.

Features and Specifications of the Samsung 32-Inch LED TV

–          Dimension: The Samsung LED TV weighs 6.0 kg and measures 74 by 9.3 by 44 cm. in size. The Huge size ensures that you can enjoy sports and movies in the same manner you would have had you been in a movie theatre or HD sports bar.

–          HDMI Connection: The HDMI connection enables your Samsung LED TV to be compatible with other HD devices like Blu-ray DVD players.

–          2.0 USB Connection: This feature allows you to link the LED television to other devices such as the iPad and cell phones.

–          Energy Efficient: Because of the numerous innovative features installed in the 32-Inch LED Television, one might be deceived into thinking that the television consumes a lot of energy. The Samsung UE32EH5000 is grade as a class-a device. What this means is that it is energy efficient and you will not have to worry about excessive energy bills at the end of the month.

The Pros

Before spending £300 on the Samsung UE32EH5000 32-Inch Widescreen LED TV, chances are that you will want to learn more about the pros. Listed below are some of the benefits of buying this particular LED TV:

–          You will be able to watch all HD channels in real-time with the Samsung UE32EH5000. A number of cable televisions are offering their clients with 2D and HD televisions sports and movies in HD in real-time. Therefore, you do not have to step into movie theatres in order to enjoy high definition movies.

–          The HDMI and USB ports make this LED TV compatible with a myriad of devices such as PlayStation, iPad and laptop PCs.